Vectored yaw tiltrotor question?

I have a question (or maybe suggestion for the devs?) about how the vectored yaw feature of the tilttotor code works.

If I’m understanding things correctly, for vectored yaw to work, the tilt mechanisms MUST be able to travel some distance past 90 degrees, or rather, some distance past vertical. Then, when using vectored yaw, both servos move equivalently to each other in opposite directions. One tilts forward while the other tilts back to induce a yaw movement.

My question is this: Is there any way to use vectored yaw WITHOUT traveling past 90 degrees of tilt? My application makes it rather difficult to go past 90deg without the props striking aircraft structure, but it absolutely needs vectored yaw.

If nothing like this currently exists in the code, my suggestion would be: a mode of vectored yaw where only one motor tilts at a time, depending on the direction of yaw that is required. I admit that this would not be as stable as having both motors tilting, but it would be better than being unable to use the feature at all due to lack of tilt past 90deg.