Vectored yaw motors

Hi I am building a quad plane 4 rotors X frame and vectored yaw. I would like the two front rotors tilt forward for transition and the two back rotors shut down and tilt backward. I intent to use four different servos. When I go to servo output it only shows 8 servos but I actually need 10 (2 aleiron, 2 flaps, 2 tails and 4 tilt rotor servos). I have set up Q_tilt_mask to 15 (1+2+4+8) and Q_tilt_type=2. My questions are:

Is it better a vectored quad with my configuration or it only make sense for 3 rotor Y.
What else do I need to configure the servos?
Should the other servos beign showed under Mndatory hardware --> servo output.
Which is the right way to test the servos?

Thank you very much in advance.

I’m curious why you want the rotors to tilt if you are shutting them down?

Can’t you double up on some of the servo outputs? I’d think the tilt servos could share a signal line and the flap servos could probably share a data line unless you need on of the servos to be reversed.

I thought vectored yaw control was mainly used on 3 rotor Y configurations.

Which flight controller are you using? I’m very new to ArduPilot myself but it will likely help other to provide better advice if they knew more about your hardware.

Hi. Thank you very much for the reply.

You right, I could not tilt them, but I think in that way they generate less drag.
I will try to check on your suggestion, I think you right.
regarding vectored yaw, I think it could be good for some operations while hovering and for the transition, but I have no idea. which way do you think is the best to do the transition with 4 rotors?
I am using pixhawk 2.1 the cube


I haven’t flow any of my quadplanes myself yet so my suggestions would likely not be very useful. Hopefully someone with more experience will provide their insights.