Vectored tiltrotor

I’m planning my next build, 4 motor tiltrotor - 2 motors on left wing and 2 on right. Wing center sections would be stationary and outer sections would be pivoting with motors. More, the motors would be mounted to wing with offset, inner ones would be below the wing and outer ones at the top of the wing. So, when pointed upwards, it kinda forms kind of very short quadcopter.
So, couple of ideas - would it be possible to have fixed tail without servos, all the manouvering done by motors vectored thrust. Even in plane mode, I guess it’s possible. Like for right roll just point right motor down and left motor up?
Does Arduplane support vectored thrust?

yes it does, although i’m not sure about this configuration exactly, can you do a diagram of your ideas

This is possible, however not necessarily a good idea, you loose any redundancy you might have to a motor failure as you cant just glide like a plane anymore