Vectored thrust tailsitter/bellysitter - problems on roll in Qloiter

Hello. I’m trying to setup a vectore thrust tailsitter on ardupliot 4.0.
I’ve tuned Qstabilized and Qhover first. Roll axis was the main problem. After adding some Q_A_RAT_RLL_FF (0.1) and balancing P and D, then lowering the Q_A_ANG_RLL_P to 0.3, the tune in Qhover and Qstabilized turned out very well - super responsive, without overshoots even with sharp inputs and good dampening.
Now I’ve gone back to Qloiter which I had problems with. The roll axis was still unstable. First I’ve tried default controler gains. After a while the wing starts to wobble on the roll axis, the wobble deepens with time. I’ve cut Q_P_POSX_P, Q_P_VELXY_P, Q_P_VELXY_I and Q_P_VELXY_D in halve. It wasn’t that much better. Then I’ve tried different things. With Q_P_VELXY_P down to 0,25 and Q_P_VELXY_D to 0,5 it was a bit better - like it wobbled 3-4 times and then stopped, but it wasn’t close to stable in every condisions. I reviewed logs every time after flight and the Q_P_POSX_P, Q_P_VELXY_P, Q_P_VELXY_I and Q_P_VELXY_D don’t look good. I was messing with this for 4 hours in the field, and just can’t make Qloiter fly stable.
Marcopter suggested to tune the Q_A_ACCEL to 40000.

Can You suggest anything I can try to make it fly good in Qloiter ?

test flight:

here are flight logs:

first one is default position controller tune
second one is my attempt to tune it.