Vector & custom motor configuration


I have been using ardurover for boat purposes for a bit over a year now, all has been working well.
I recently swhiched over to ardusub because I wanted to try the vectored motor configuration on a surface vehicle.

It has been working well controled through Sik/3dr radio setup and a Xbox controller, there is no Rcin input on ardusub and the waypoints don’t seem to load properly. I am not concerned with waypoint just yet more just test the usefulness of the vectored setup.

I ask Bluerobotics if the code in Ardusub for the RCin was deleted and it has been. Jacob posted this on GitHub as a request, seems a few people have had the same idea as me.

My question is how hard would it be to implement the frame config functions in ardusub ( vectored and/or custom) into ardurover?

I am curtainly no coder and really don’t know what it would take.