Vcc min/max difference exceeded

My recently assembled S500 quad was flight tested with Pixhawk running Copter 3.4.1 has the following warning on Log Analyzer in Data Flash Log :–

Vcc = WARN — Vcc min/max diff 2.18V, should be < 0.3 V

The data flash log is accessible at the following link :–

Pixhawk is powered by 3DR power module. With battery connected, I unplugged the power module 6-pin cable from the Pixhawk power port and measured
the voltage and found to be 5.36 V.

What may be the possible causes ? Pls help.

Under load the voltage is much lower but still only varies by 0.15v which well within spec.

Looks more like an error with the Log Analysis.

I have similar message from Log Analyzer. I think - here is bug of Analyzer.

It does the same on MP. If you select “power issues” from the dropdown when analyzing a log, all you’ll see is a modal window that says “Graphing CURR - Vcc”.

That’s never going to finish, as Vcc has been moved to the POWR node. Both the autoanalysis AND the MP graphing (as well as other GCS that depend on that) need to be changed to reflect it.

Thanks for the report everyone. @peterbarker has fixed that in the ArduPilot repository. I believe that Mission Planner uses a copy of the Log Analyzer so that will need to be updated as well - feel free to open an issue in the Mission Planner repository for that.


If it is error with the Log Analysis, not sure what other parameters the
Log Analysis logs with error.

Thanks for pointing it out.

I will then have a peace of mind since few other people have got the same
message, meaning probably it is the error of the analyzer.