Vcc doesn't seem to be scaled correctly

I am running the latest RC8. The past couple of flights I have been getting “VCC = FAIL - VCC below minimum of 4.6v (4.587451v)”. I am using a Pixhawk power module and also have a Turnigy Multistar BEC going to the servo rail (with zener). The logs indicate pre ARM the Vcc and Servo voltage are around 4.73 and 4.69 respectively. Once throttle up, these drop to 4.66 and 4.6 respectively. I took my meter and measured the voltage at pre ARM at 5.17 and 5.1 respectively. From radio telemetry during flight, the receiver voltage is seeing around 5. Is there a parameter that can be adjusted for the scaling?


Okay, after further investigation, even though the supply voltage is around 5.17, the pixhawk (in pre ARM) seems to be outputting around 4.84. I measured this at the GPS connector and telemetry connector. Is this normal?