Variation in Board VCC upon Failsafe Trigger

Hello All,

I hope I am not asking an already answered question because I could not find anything using search function.

Recently I had an RC failsafe event happen and the plane returned to home point successfully. However, while observing the logs, I found a strange behavior upon entering the FS by the board VCC where the voltage fluctuated without any increase in current drawn by the motors. Picture of log attached.

Pl. note the setup is the Black Cude with redundant power supplies. One from the Mauch current meter and the other from the originally supplied power brick with the cube.

The aim of the question is whether this behavior is normal or does anything need to be changed?

Bin Log:

Can you drop a bin file of this flight

I didnt know whether the bin log would help. However, it can be found at the following link.