Value of MOT_BAT_CURR_MAX for autotune

Hello Friends: I am following copter doc Autotune. At step-7, it is recommended to use current and voltage scaling, where it is said that …

“MOT_BAT_CURR_MAX …limit should be set somewhere between the battery’s burst limit and it’s absolute upper limit”

Question: If my battery capacity is 3000 mAh with Discharge = 25C constant / 50C Burst … then battery’s burst limit = 50x3000 = 150 A and it’s absolute upper limit = 25 x 3000 = 75 A. With this calculation , I should set the MOT_BAT_CURR_MAX in Full Parameter list in between 75 to 150…correct?.

MP and copter version is mentioned in attached snapshot. I am using PixHawk1 in F450 frame.

Only voltage is useful, you do not need current setting for autotune.

Look better what is said at point 7.

Thanks lucamax, just to maintain the record I think parameter mentioned in the wiki MOT_THST_BAT_MAX/MIN is now changed to MOT_BAT_VOLT_MAX/MIN as shown in below snapshot …?.