Vagrant setup not working - are the instructions correct?

Just joined to ask this.

I am running windows 10, and am just setting up ArduPilot for the first time ever. I already had github setup, but had to install vmbox and vagrant…

When I try to initialise the VM I get…

Bringing machine 'bionic64' up with 'hyperv' provider...
==> bionic64: Verifying Hyper-V is enabled...
==> bionic64: Verifying Hyper-V is accessible...
==> bionic64: Box 'ubuntu/disco64' could not be found. Attempting to find and install...
    bionic64: Box Provider: hyperv
    bionic64: Box Version: >= 0
==> bionic64: Loading metadata for box 'ubuntu/disco64'
    bionic64: URL:
The box you're attempting to add doesn't support the provider
you requested. Please find an alternate box or use an alternate
provider. Double-check your requested provider to verify you didn't
simply misspell it.

If you're adding a box from HashiCorp's Vagrant Cloud, make sure the box is

Name: ubuntu/disco64
Requested provider: [:hyperv]

Typing the address into a browser takes me to the release - so I have connectivity…

Any ideas what I can try next?


Try installing virtualbox.

PRs to add support for hyperV welcome - no idea where you’d start on that,