V3.5.5 - compass calibration


New to the forum. Thank you in advance your your patience with my learning curve.

I am working on a quadcopter. Have been using an older firmware, and want to switch to V3.5.5

I am using MP 1.3.52.

I cannot seem to get the onboard mag compass calibration to work - does not advance, or change state just sits there. I am accustomed to using the live calibration.

I also notice that compass offsets are no longer “automatic” - meaning I power up and have 0 offsets. Am I missing something obvious?

Thank you again.

If you have not been able to calibrate the compass then the offsets will remain a zero.

Have you tried the Transmitter initiated calibration?
Throttle high, rudder to the right (same as arming but with the throttle high).
You get a confirmation beep, and then periodic beeps until the completion tones.
Reboot and your done.

Much easier to do because you can get out in open areas with no interference problems.

I’m confused. How about posting a video of what is happening on YouTube and giving us the link?

We have been having a lot of issues with 3.5.5 not seeing compass 2. Don’t know if that is intentional or if there is a parameter that we missed? Is that the same issue you are having?

An update to my findings.

Still V3.5.5 AC.

Mission Planner V1.3.52 - I’ve installed, reinstalled about 6 times, because I was told there may be an issue with it.

I did get the onboard mag compass calibration to “work” but it continues to only show mag 1 calibrating. On top of that I have huge offsets - one of which over 400

Thanks Mike. I’m assuming you still need to move the bird around during this Transmitter initiated calibration.

No, the problem I was having was with Compasses Inconsistent errors…

What I am confused about is how were you performing the automatic compass calibration? Did you just click the Start button and sit there waiting for it to move?

Thank you all for your comments and patience with my newbieisms…

This issue was that the internal and external compasses I am using are not compatible with Px4 Ver 2

ArduCopter 3.5.5 and 3.5.3 are both using Px4V2, I needed Px4V3

Hope this helps someone else in the future.

Have a great day.