V3.4.4 Swash setup GUI

I’ve am udating my 450 heli with a pixhawk and X8R RX. When I try to setup the swash page in Mission Planner, The reverse servo and trim do not work at all.If I download V3.3.3 all works fine.
Anybody else had ths problem?


Yes I posted this problem last night

I just want to mention that if there is any issue it has to be in Missioin Planner. I am suing 3.4 for heli without any issues. But I use advanced parameters to do my setup and I do not use the gui page for traditional helicopter.

Thanks Sunit_Pal. They have changed the way to set it up, as you now have to use the config page, and not the Heli page as you used to.

I am having the same problem with servo reverse. I also don’t have advanced parameters in Mission Planner. This is all very inconvenient and annoying. It worked fine in 3.3.3.

To view the full parameter list, go to the config/tuning tab and select planner on left side of screen. Toward the bottom you’ll see a checkbox called advanced or advanced view. Make sure it is checked. That should give you all the advanced menus. I had the same problem when I recently updated mission planner.

Thanks Bill, I look out for that.

I updated Mission Planner with the latest beta version and that has corrected the problem. I was able to set up my swash servos no problem. But it seems that upgrading to 3.4.4 has also changed all of my flight parameters so be careful nd check yo have your heli setup that way you want it.

Yes I had upgraded to AC 3.4.4 and did notice many of my parameters had not transitioned with the upgrade.