V3.3.3 will not arm in Loiter with 13 Sats

I have a pixhawk quad, running on 3.3. It has a Lidar Lite and a PX4flow, set up and working in the status.
If I try to ARM in Loiter it say’s it needs a 3D lock on the GPS. As you can see from the log, It has 13 Sats and hlop of 078. This is a log that shows the attempted ARMing.
As I mostly fly indoors I do not get any Sats. so I have EKF_GPS _TYPE set to 3 so it will use the Lidar lite and the for the altitude, switching the GPS off. I have checked the Param’s, and can not see anything else that I have to adjust. It will ARM in ALT HOLD both indoor and outside.
Checking the forums, and update info, which says it is fixed. Can anybody help me sort it out please.