V3.2.1 Copter - Pixhawk Internal/External Compass issue

Hi guys,

I just finished installing a Pixhawk into a IMRC XuGong V2 quad.
I’m using a GPS with external compass (ublox LEA-6H).

Live calibration of the compass works ok at least for one of the compass.
I assume it is the external (Live calibration left hand side sphere) which works fine. The right hand side sphere (I assume this is the internal compass?? can someone confirm) throws out strange readings with large and very random offsets. I assume the reason for this is that the FC bay where the pixhawk is installed is directly behind the gimbal firewall.

Position hold works well so far but when I land I get errors in the log:
Test: Compass = FAIL - Large change in mag_field (268.25%)
Test: PM = FAIL - 59 slow loop lines found, max 14.23% on line 1071

My question is now: does the Compass FAIL error come from the external compass or is it purely an issue due to the internal compass?

Also is there a way to disable the internal compass? I assume it is completely unusable due to the string magnetic field induced by the gimbal motors?

Thanks a lot !


can anyone help to share light at this?
What I basically want to know is whether an issue with the Pixhawk internal compass would show up as compass error and prevent me from arming the copter even if the external and primary compass works fine?

Thanks !