V2700 not connecting to android GCS's

I am unable to connect my V2700 to any other GCS for android other than SV 2.0. All firmware is updated. on QGC connection is never established and on MP the app crashes after hitting connect. I set them up on UDP at 14550. I am able to connect via PC just fine. I haven’t changed to MAV link 1 since everything i have read suggests that the newest versions of the apps are able to use MAV 2. I really want to use either of these apps as the map view on SV2.0 is trash and has a short list of available functions. Thank You.

This: https://docs.qgroundcontrol.com/en/SettingsView/console_logging.html will show you how to turn connection loggin which may be of some help. Last time I tried QGC with a SkyViper (not sure what model it was, someone sent me one to test with) it worked without needing any changes onthe SkyViper end.