V2700 GPS Journey, think I made a mistake

Hi everyone, sorry,but this is gonna be a long one.
Sorry if I sound like a Newbie, because I am.
So my wife bought this for me on December 7th, i had to exchange it for another on the 9th. Took me two days to figure out one of the tiny motor gears was missing a tooth or two right out of the box. It would fly very unstable. Second one is slightly more stable, and I mean very slight. It drifts around a lot and tends to suddenly go where ever it wants. It one seems to happen in a GPS lock. If I take off in the house before it gets a lock it flys great. Once it locks in fun is over. I know they are not meant for indoor, I am not comfortable with taking it outside again. Already had to chase it twice before I figured out pushing the power button disarms it and it just falls. I was looking at this one because I thought it would be good to learn on since it should not take off and fly away but I may have been wrong. All setting are at defaults. SV support is trying to help. Somethings they asked are if firmware needed update… (I am going to check that.) Type of mobile device… (Samsung Galaxy s9+) which is not on the apps supported device list. SD Card… (none yet. I only have 2 GB ones right now.).

So guess what I want to know is,

  1. Can GPS lock be disabled and turned back on when I figure out what i am doing.
  2. Should I just take it back and stick to surface Vehicles as I was doing.
  3. Is there something in the profile settings I should change or tweak. Still going through a learning experience on these things.

Again sorry so long. I am just frustrated that i am on number 2 of these and it is either defective or maybe I went “too advanced” for my first one. I have searched everywhere online and in here with no luck on a fix. Checked gears, did motorcal and listened for any difference in sound. I just don’t know.

It doesn’t sound like anything is wrong with your Journey.

You just do not want to try to fly in “GPS” mode indoors. The location errors that all the RF reflections will create in that environment will cause exactly the erratic behavior you describe.
If you really need to fly it indoors, then what you want to do is figure out how to put it in altitude hold mode for indoor use. The V2400 had a button dedicated to this and I’ve only just realized that the button was assigned a different use on the V2700.

I only have the older V2400 GPS, but I strongly suspect the ability to assign a button to switch between “GPS” (loiter) and “indoor” (altitude hold) is still present in the newer models. You might try The web interface at and choose the parameters page. Then assign altitude hold mode to one of the action buttons. Don’t change anything else on the parameters page until you learn more and don’t try the web interface at all if you are not willing to learn a bit about ardupilot and how it is used on your new toy.
You could also safely change flight modes manually using a ground station (google for what to install on your mobile device and how to configure it to talk to the skyviper.

If you do decide to learn more about Ardupilot, you will be rewarded with new capabilities for your V2700.

Can someone familiar with the V2700 buttons help Jason out with more details?


@brad112358. I was just about to edit my post when I got your reply. So I was researching flight modes and what they do last night and actually got it to fly descend enough to handle. The first one I had would automatically go to Loiter mode when I took off… this one wasn’t. I don’t remember what mode it was going to but it wasn’t loiter. I programmed some of the buttons to switch modes depending on what I was looking for. I think a bit more of educating myself on this it will be fine. Some more tweeking on it this weekend should do it. I did try to connect it to Mission Maker, which I guess replaces Tower app… but it didn’t seem to want to. Have to play with it.