V2450gps pinion gears

Where can I find the 13 tooth pinion gears since Sky Viper parts discontinued the motor/gear set?

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Just do a search on eBay and you’ll find lots of Sky Viper parts. Many of them are sold from Canada. Here are a few links to try.

Good luck!

Sky Viper Drone
Sky Viper 2450 GPS Motor with Cable and Gear
Sky Viper 2450 GPS Body with Big Gears

I’ve searched all over…But I’ll try those… Thank You very much

Hey Greg… I’m still on the hunt for the pinion gears for the 2450gps…The diameter is a little bit bigger than anything else I’ve found…I have searched all over the web and not coming up with that size… I’ve even been in contact with Sky Viper… Thanks