V-tail setting reversed?

I have plane with v-tail
when I put the servo on each sufer control of course opposite each other
and connect like this

ch2 --> left v-tail = 79
vh4 --> Right v-tail = 80

the servo response as reversed , I don’t have servo programmer to reverse

What is the right way for set it ?

I set SERVO2-REVERS = 1 and seem to work fine , but I am not sure how it will work in mode AUTO and other modes

another thing

RC2 MIN = 1100
RC2 MAX = 1900

when I move the stick of ch2 In manual mode
UP = CH2in 1900 CH2out = 1700
DOWN = CH2in 1100 , CH2out = 1300

same thing for ch 4

WHY , I need to have the max value out ? HOW ?

any info pls ?

are you using 2 channels on your radio ? 2 and 4 ?

yes … ch 2 on Lift V-tail
ch4 on Right V-tail

never do any mixing on the radio just leave the TX standard
have a read here