V-TAIL mixing Arduplane 3.9.7

Hello guys,
I am not able to configure the V_TAIL mix in ARDUPLANE 3.9.7 after several days trying. The problem is that when I roll right the roll rudder mix causes the tail surfaces to work in the opposite direction ie go to the right. I can not invert this mix of roll rudder without affecting the correction of surfaces in FBWA mode because they are also reversed. I have already followed http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/guide-vtail-plane.html instructions but without success. I researched a lot and I did not see any video on YOUTUBE showing the operation of the surfaces correctly only one video where there was still the parameter VTAIL_OUTPUT and even then the tail surfaces are responding in the opposite way. Thanks in advance for any collaboration.

I would guess your rudder RC channel is reversed in your transmitter. see:


iampete, checked and saw that it is not inverted and I did several tests reversing now and I saw that rudder does not influence the roll rudder mix.

you have your servos reversed somewhere, if your rudder input channel was reversed you could get the right response by also having both the V-tail servos reversed.

First check all your inputs against the tip in the previous link, then get the servos moving right in manual and FBWA.

And remember no mixing no the TX