USV won't follow mission in auto after being driven in manual


I have a problem with my surface drone… I can map out a mission and start it in auto with no problems at all, but as soon as i involve a remote transmitter (frsky 433mhz) the drone goes bananas! i can put the drone in manual mode with the controller and have controll, but as soon i switch it back to auto it goes crazy.
it can go straight towards a waypoint, change direction, go in a circle, zigzag and everything. its totaly unpredictable and never the same.

Hope some of you have some good input for me, since I can not get it working combined.
as i mentioned, it can drive perfect in auto, as long as I dont involve a radio controller.

I cant upload the BIN file here, since it too big.

Im running raspberry PI 3 and Navio2

Here you can fint the BIN files and telemetry files

When driving in manual, do you get EKF warnings about resets, lane switches, or realignments? A log file would be invaluable in helping you.

Also, you should upgrade to the latest 4.2 version.

I have not seen any warnings or messages that something is wrong.

Ive updated my post, with a link to a dropbox, where you can find the BIN files and telemetry files.
is a log file anything else, or is it the BIN file the log file?

will it be any challenges for me to update to 4.2 version? im thinking parameters etc? ive have been working alot on tuning my USV to this stage, and im a little afraid of starting from the beginning again, haha!

Save the parameters to a file before updating. But there should be no real problem upgrading to latest stable.

Your craft is poorly tuned and appears to be at or near default settings. Follow all of the steps in this guide:

First Drive with Rover — Rover documentation (

Also, it seems you are spending a lot of time in GUIDED mode, not MANUAL or AUTO. I don’t really see an indication of what you describe based on a brief look at your files. The .bin files are the ones that are most useful in this case, BTW.

I feel like ive been working forever on this, and should probably start over again.

I was not driving it for long, since i was near boats and docks, so as soon is i saw it become weird in behavor, i took over and drove it manual or guided. there should be som data on it in the logs.

I belive the first log have me driving it manually for a while, and then set it to AUTO, and it goes bananas for a little while. the other files do have some driving in auto, but not for long, since i didnt want to crash in the docks.

Thanks! i will try and remember to dowload the .bin files regurarly, so i have it ready.