USV Control hardware advice?

Hi all,

I am looking for a ASV Control system. The plan is to use a catamaran hull ~2m length propelled by BlueRobotics T500 Thrusters. I am looking at 2 options for steering, vectorized 4 thruster setup and a dual motor skid steering.

The simple thing would be to purchase a Blueboat from Blue Robotics but unfortunately I need a bit bigger platform. The other option is to buy a Blueboat and use only the control system and scrap the rest…

I need a control system to run preplanned lines in addition to manual steering

I also had a look at the SIYI N7 Autopilot, that could be an option

This discussion forum is the central of intelligence when it comes to USV and Ardupilot so I believe there should be possible to get a tip :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Pelican77,

ArduPilot runs on many different autopilots (see the list here) so there are lots of choices. The autopilot in the BlueBot is the Navigator so I don’t think it should be necessary to buy a whole BlueBoat just to get the autopilot.