- open source volunteer flight controll

Radio amateurs have used decades arps, aprs-is system to share locations, ask metar weather notes, send messages by between.

System has ready components to easily create public , global , open source, non-goverment bias uspace voluntarily for volunteers!

You find aprs location objects for example orucmaps android map.

At moment I do tiny test , I feed currently local ads-b and amateur packets and get local flying objects trough orucmaps.

Basic idea is that aprsc sever like receives position messages from users , ads-b from dump1090, … And user aps like xastir, aprsdroid, orucmaps shows that data.

You can aprs-is data at and radiosondes flying

So drone/remotecontroll could collect remote id and adb-s info, it could feed trough internet or if local radio available trough it location info or and receive what others are supplying. There could easily deployed message system from pilot to pilot as well.

What you think this idea, software, system is allready used decades and is mostly open source so it can be transfered from radioham world to drone world .

There is already an open community for this purpose it’s called Open Glider Network. And it also has appropriate open hardware solutions, which does not require amateur license.
I do appreciate your enthusiasm, but why reinvent the wheel ?

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I am trying to prevent inventing wheel.

Can I access open glider network?

Can fetch metar?

Can I contact flight controll to do
Uspace reservation?

What hardware it supports, normal dmr radios,
androids, pc,…

Apes have existed decades before open glider network! So everything is invented but due legal limitation network and it’s data can not be used.

I switch immediately to open glider network if
it works, can even add functionalities,…

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OGN is APRS, servers running aprsc… :slight_smile: look up the wiki in the link above…

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We already have 2 blog post showing how to create adsb receiver and use the data on drone or to stream to a free or paid services

ADSB for mission planner just using an SDR dongle and Learning ADS-B Technology: A DIY Guide

Those database are well feeded already and have easy access for most. Without some huge plus value and investisment, I doubt your project get much attention.

There is also SoftRF project to make small receiver : GitHub - lyusupov/SoftRF: ✈ Multi-functional, compatible DIY general aviation proximity awareness system and stratux :

There are problably a lot of other project doing this as the cost of material is quite low now.

For Uspace, rules are still in work, but it will be more complex than just feeding the current position, speed and heading.

Aprs has possibility draw “cad” objects could be used space reservations, communication point to point,…
technology exists and is decades old.
Remote id receivers should be added
to aprsc server networks.

uspace is far more complex, complexity is not at technical side, it’s man made byrocrazy and we need strong international users club, around ardupilot we have that, next step is talk whit bureaucracy , matrix,… Ardupilot has longivety needed to prove technology works and volunteers do not end!


So there is projects that are based aprs software’s like aprsc, aprsrx, xastir, aprsdroid,…
dump1090, …

glidernet has added to aprs position data own data segment.
Missionplaner is accepting adb-s from dump1099 and VDSL,…

Missionplaner needs aprs API, so mission planer can enable direct aprs objects, pilot-pilot and pulot-tower communication, missionplaner could send also drones location to network as aprs.

Remote-id, adb-s receivers whit local wifi serving local missionplaners and forwarding info to global aprs networks in standard format like glidernet, ? or even to aprs-is if SAR/Emergency.

As uspace service I see, based current solutions:

-restricted areas, reservations (at time, time and space reservation)

-sending and receiving notes to tower

-own position

-getting info others at uspace

-towers, frequencies, flight routes

Anything to add?

Missionplaner needs upgrade and aprs
system forwarding info should be setup.

By the way aprs is originally designed for low speed radio communication, could there be frequency where uspace is allways send locally, even received by drone ?

These are just ideas, question is how real life meets these and what the matrix dose?