Using as an overlay for MP

Hello everyone.
Im fairly new to Mission Planner. But have a question in regards to utilizing a website as a layover on Mission planner.
I use to find my wind speed and direction when planning my fixed wings flight mission.
I was wondering if it would be possible to lay the live wind speed and vectors over top of mission planner?
This would be an invaluable tool for long range flight planners like myself.
Or perhaps theres something like this already available?
Like I said, im very new to MP.

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I was unaware of until I read your post. Any idea how accurate the data/forecast is? Is it global, or North America-only, or US-only, or …?
If decent data, it would be interesting to integrate with MP.


I have a weather station on site, that I use daily. At times, the weather stations needs to be reset because the info screen has frozen for some reason. - Access to the weather station data is provided by my companies web-link.
For the month of august I would check then check my weather station.
At times i would find my weather station reporting the true wind speed was a 1-2 km’s lower than what windy was reporting. And this was confirmed by using a hot-wire velocimeter.
Windy provides accurate wind speed and gust information.
If you have a weather station id recommend testing it for yourself.
Because my test is being done in only 1 location.
However that location is a remote mine site 2 hours north in the bush.

But for what its worth, I rely on to plan all my flights.

We also have very good experiences with windy as being accurate and versatile to use. Particularly the “winds at altitude x” feature comes in handy when flying. And I like the visual representation options and the various layers. The interface can be customized, and once logged in, custom settings are available across devices, which is helpful. There is also an option to compare the various forecast sources all in one overview.
They offer an API:
Their data comes not only from GFS as many sites use, but they offer ECMWF (higher resolution) data as well, as outlined here:

Yes! the winds at “X” altitude is a great feature.

Often the winds at G.L are calm, but 120 meters up…thats a different story

Hi Jason,
I’m interesting like you to have a view on wind in Mission Planner, did you find a way to do that ?

Thanks for your answer

No, Windy has not been integrated into Mission Planner (as far as I am aware), neither are other weather sources, such as an anemometer. (That’s not to say it is impossible - it will require programming skills, though.)

Thanks Camti. I’m working on making a RC Glidder a drone with Ardupilot, and it’ll be great to see on MP information on wind. Well, I’ll try to do without that.