Using WiFi to Connect to MP

Does anyone use WiFi to connect Mavlink telemetry to Mission Planner?

yep all the time only use usb to update the firmware and down logs

I’m having a hard time connecting. I get the old “only one usage of each socket is permitted” thing

In adition, wifi was the only reliable way I found to have several vehicles connected (four here and here).

First, make sure that you have the LAN working, and there are several possible scenarios for that:

  • Laptop connects to vehicle.
  • Vehicle connects to laptop (Windows as access point).
  • There is a router, and laptop and vehicle connect to it (used above and above).

So first prepare the LAN, and make sure you can ping the vehicle. Then, run MP.

Hi and thanks for the replies. What I’m trying to do is connect the Mavlink downlink from my transmitter to Mission Planner. It has a built in WiFi module and connects to my computer, either directly or via a WiFi hotspot just fine. But, when I load MP and try to connect using the suggested UDP port 8888 nothing happens

If you can ping the WiFi adapter, open its IP with browser and inspect its parameters.