Using vtail while keeping mixing on my transmitter

I understand that ardupilot can do vtail mixing for me, but pixhawk has a feature where it will passthrough the first 8 RC channels if it fails.
This means I want my RC transmitter to be able to fly my vtail without any pixhawk help.

Currently I have vtail mixing on my transmitter and working fine in passthrough mode, but I’m a bit confused on what I should do next so that arduplane can also fly vtail and understand what my elevator and rudder inputs are by reading the vtail channels being sent.
Is that possible, or am I forced to have arduplane do vtail mixing for me and have my transmitter send unmixed elevator and rudder?


That will not work!

An alternative would be to use an electronic V-tail mixer on the aircraft. That way you would not need any mixing in the transmitter or Pixhawk. Before we have Pixhawk v-tail mixing that’s the way that everyone did it.


Thanks RC Mike.
I’m now wondering: how useful is the RC passthrough that pixhawk can do when it fails?
In other words, what kinds of failures can happen where this will save me, or as they so rare that I shouldn’t worry about it and let arduplane manage my mix?

Actually, I just made a new thread on this since it’s a different question:

So, I was hopeful that I could

  1. send elevator and rudder on 2 and 4
  2. have my transmitter do the mixing and send the result to 6 and 7
  3. plug elevator in 6, rudder in 7
  4. tell ardupilot to do VTAIL mixing
  5. tell ardupilot that RC6 is 19 (elevator) and RC7 is 21 (rudder)

I thought this would give me mixed rudder and elevator from ardupilot on RC6 and RC7, using unmixed input from RC2 and RC4, but that trick didn’t work :frowning:
I got mixed output on RC2 and RC4 but the correct mixed output didn’t get copied to RC6 and RC7 :frowning:

Oh well, I guess as you said, there is no software solution to do this (unlike flaperons which are supported the way I’m describing here).
I guess I’ll buy a hardware mixer as you say.

I have been flying APM and now Pixhawk every since the first APM came out and have never had a hardware failure that caused a crash. I think you are trying to fix a non-existent problem.


Understood Mike.
I guess because I read RC passthrough was there, I thought I should make use of it, but from what you’re saying the pixhawk is reliable enough that this passthrough code never comes in handy in real life, so I shouldn’t bother with it from what you said.