Using Simple flight mode with a helicopter?

Thanks in advance
Has anyone tried to use (in flight modes) Simple mode?
If I set flight mode to Stablize and check simple, will this work with a helicopter?

William, yes - it works. I don’t recommend it as if it is on it makes checking your stick to swash correlation difficult for pre-flight, depending on the orientation of the helicopter.

Personally I think that feature should be disabled and not available for helicopters. It was designed for multi’s where if the aircraft is further away it is hard to tell the orientation of the aircraft because it looks the same from all directions. Helicopters do not have that problem, typically fly forward like an airplane, and one of the first things mastered by new helicopter pilots is learning how to hover your helicopter in all nose orientations before you can actually fly one manually. Since it goes against the basics of learning to fly a helicopter, I know that for myself if I was bring a chopper in, nose-in, and Simple Mode was turned on I’d be so confused as to why it doesn’t respond properly that I’d probably end up crashing it :grinning: