Using Serial 5/6 of PixRacer Pro


Due to the number of devices I am connecting to my PixRacer Pro, my TELE1&2, GPS1 are occupied, so I am trying to find a way to connect my ADS-B Receiver to the serial 5/6 specified in the user manual below

mRo Pixracer Pro – mRobotics

My ADS-B Receiver needs a baud rate of 115200 to be used, which I can configure for TELE1&2, GPS in QGC, but I cannot find a place to do that for serial 5&6.

So far I think I can do that by changing the baud rate of USART1/7 in the firmware, but I am not sure how to do that.

Any help would be appreciated.


I found that it is possible to configure the serial 5&6 baud rate and protocol in the old firmware. However, after setting their baud rate I want and protocol to Mavlink1, it still does not seem to be working.


Hi there, I don’t understand what are you referring to in the picture. Are you referring to the USER default protocol?

The Serial/Uart ordering for the PixRacer Pro from the Ardupilot Wiki. People often believe that the Serialx parameter has the same order as the hardware UART and in many cases that’s not so. Just FYI in case that’s the problem.

Appreciate it. I am aware that they have different ordering. The problem is I don’t know where to configure the seral 5/6 baud rate and protocol in the newest firmware. Below is the serial configuration tab of the latest mro_pixracerpro_default, where there are no serial5/6 configuration.

However, in the old firmware there are.

I am using the pixracer pro with their neo M9N GPS, which requires a firmware no earlier than 1.13, so I need to configure serial 5/6 in the new firmware.

I tried to contact their support but they are not responding for the past few days. Any suggestion?

That first screenshot is PX4 not ArduPilot.


You are posting in the wrong forum.

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Well noted. Still appreciate the help guys.