Using S Bus on PX4

From the diagrams on the websites, I understand that the PX4 is capable of reading S Bus inputs.

However, there is not much information on the website as to how to go about doing it.
I have a Futaba 8FGS but i have never tried S Bus. As such I require some help from the users here.

I would appreciate it if you could point me towards a forum or a youtube video that addresses this problem of mine. You could also add me on FB and maybe you can help me there.

Have you tried here:

I tried following all of that sir but it does not mention anything about how to use S Bus.

Is it the same as the PPM connection the Mr Simon shows?

@ blackbloy,
This discussion on RCG might give you more information on the S Bus:

Yes, SBUS on the PX4 works (more correctly it works on the PX4IO) - my quad operates in this config.

Nothing special to do to enable it, just connect to the SBUS port. It is the furthest right 3 pin connector when looking at the board from behind and the PX4FMU on top). See the attached photo. If at first it does not work, check the orientation of the plug going into your receiver (the port markings on Futuba receivers seem to have been designed by an upside-down person - they trip me up every time).



Thank you sir. I managed to get it working a long time ago actually. I just forgot to mark this as solved. Will do so now.