Using Pixhawk as a regular STM32 board

I’m trying to upload a code written in STM32CubeIDE to Pixhawk CubeOrange.
However, the ide cannot find the COM port to upload, although it shows up on the device manager as Cube Orange Mavlink.

I am wondering if it has something to do with the bootloader since it’s made for Ardupilot and PX4, not a regular STM32 project. Any suggestion?

Thank you.

Yes, you are fighting the bootloader. The only way to get a Cube into DFU mode (so far as I know) is to remove the cover and jump across the appropriate pins that are not normally exposed. Based on the brief reading I’ve done on the topic, removing the cover carries some risk of damaging the cover or the internal components.

If the Cube form factor isn’t important, and you can afford a few extra dollars on the project, a Matek H743 series autopilot might work well for you. They have a push button for DFU mode and typically have more peripheral pins exposed.