Using multiple TeraRanger Evo

Greetings, my configuration is as follows:

  • Cube Pilot Orange
  • 4 TeraRangers Evo 15 with a hub in a “Lidar” configuration → connected to the TELEM2
  • 2 separate TeraRangers Evo 3 at the bottom and top of the copter → one collected to the I2C and the second connected to the GPS2 (internal I2C)

The problem is that when I connect the 2 terarangers that work as standalones, the cube flashes rapidly and then shut down (in about 2-3 secs).
When I connect the 4 TeraRangers and one of the 2 separate ones (either one of them) the cube works fines.

What I suspect is an ID conflict? That both of them have the same hardware ID, but I don’t believe that this shutdown the cube. Have any of you encountered this?