Using Multi GPS

Can I use four or five GPSes on my copter?!
Is it affect on autopilot ?!
At most, how many GPSes can help me find the correct position and help the autopilot?! And Matt be depends on airframe?!

On GNSS is enough to have correct position.
Using RTK GNSS will refine better accuracy on position

More GNSS won’t give you better position.

Two is the number you are looking for, any more are ignored.
Best to get one good one and ensure connections are reliable.


Thanks, but Now, if I connect four GPS to the autopilot, will it not affect its ekf?!
Of course, I know the discussion about rtk and better GPSs, I mean more about how many GPSs have an effect on EKF, such as cube orange and x7, which has more than five ekfs.

Only 2 are supported. Nothing more to say about that.