Using MissionPlanner completely offline with pre-loaded and saved maps

Hi all,

I shall be using mission planner to fly my fixed wing drone in a very remote part of the world, where there will not be any internet. I have some pre-created flight paths (.KML) which I can upload to MissionPlanner, but will want to create more, when I’m out there.

My question is this:
Can I download maps into Mission Planner, and use the software 100% offline to a) fly transects (which I think is a YES) and b) create new transects/waypoints, onto pre-saved google earth maps in the programme?

I will not have the luxury of connecting to the internet between drone deployments and want to have all my maps loaded and saved/secure before I head out into the field, which is a 2-month stint.

Has anyone got any tips or had experience of working like this?

Many thanks in advance.

You can prefetch small patches of Google Maps imagery inside Mission Planner.
But this will not work on a large scale, due to constraints made by google.

There are other possibilities to do that, but you will need basic geoinformatic skills…
Keywords for that: Geoserver and WMS

Globalmapper is an option, google mission planner with offline maps and you are going to find step by step options, I hope it was in Diy drones forum.

I’ve used Mission Planner offline to create new flight paths. I think the only major functionality Mission Planner needs an internet connection for is downloading background maps.

This issue is that we need the background map to know where to place new waypoints at, and without the internet, we will be shooting in the dark!

If I prefetch a map of the islands I need (a bunch of atolls in the Ocean), will the map stay at highest resolution, for the next few months, without an internet connection? I’m worried that if I try to zoom in or play with MP, I might lose them. I think I will test this and see if it works over the next 2 weeks or so, as a start…!

Thanks I will research this option!

Consider that you can use custom maps too if you need…

I haven’t had a problem with Mission Planner losing maps - they’re stored in the Mission Planner directories and not just in a Windows cache.

You can also import shapefiles as polygons so it’s worth having your study area defined that way as well for more backup.