Using Mission Planner without PixHawk or other hardware

Newbie - please forgive me if question is in wrong place.
Working on autonomous lawn mower. Will use own code (Matlab / Python) for motion control system with RPi (GPS-RTK-NTRIP). Q: Can mission planner be used to create path without Ardupilot control hardware? I am able to draw polygon, and make a CW mission path, but can’t get to "no go / exclusion zones (to avoid trees) " b/c “full parameter tree” is blank (presumably b/c no hardware connected). Thank you for your help!


While MP is tuned for Ardupilot it should support any flight controller that communicates using MavLink protocol.

Mission Planner does not do path planning around exclusion zones (fences), so they are irrelevant to the task.

Thank you very much Yuri! That is very informative! I’ll have to come up with an path design algo, test in Matlab, then translate (GPT) to Python.

And thank you for all your educational vids on this topic!

Kevin Keegan