Using mission planner through Frsky telemetry?

How can I connect mission planner through frsky djt telemetry module.
I’ve connected d8r xp to serial port through tun1 converter, set speed 9600 with mavlink, connected pc to djt module using frsky usb stick.
What I’ve missed?
Or easier just to take 3dr radio for this purpose?

You can’t. FrSky telemetry doesn’t use MAVLink.

If you had one of the X series receivers you could get a Craft and Theory setup (like I have). It reads Mavlink via the serial 4/5 port and works great.

It doesn’t read MAVLink and, more importantly, it doesn’t transport MAVLink, so there’s no way to connect it to Mission Planner (you could make a converter from FrSky telemetry to MAVLink but it would be slow and very limited).