Using Mavlink Serial Output

Hi All

I wan’t to forward the mission planner Mavlink data from the my computer to another mission planner in other PC using TCP or UDP

as mentioned in the picture above , after connecting this MP I want to send the data out as mirrors

I try to use this function within one computer < but when try to send data throw the Ethernet network I couldn’t connect .

any help.

Take a look at Mavproxy to do this:

thanks @mike will try the Mavproxy ,

But is that the only way ? what’s the use of the function I post in the picture ?


It is used to send serial data to an antenna tracker. It would probably work if you forward from a serial port to another serial port.

You can also send via Network:
On PC 1 choose TCP Host - 14550 and start the TCP Server

On PC 2 choose TCP, click “CONNECT” and use the correct Port (14550) , click “OK”

Fill in the correct IP-adress of PC 1 and both Missioplanners will bei connected.

Regards Rolf



I did it perfectly the firewall was blocking the connection ,

Another Question , now I can mirror the mavlink data to another computer ,
But I can’t send any data to the plane just receive data and display .

What I need to do to have control from the other GCS ?

hope there are any info.


Put the checkmark at “Write access” when starting the TCP-server