Using Mavlink Protocols on Teensy 3.6

Please excuse, in advance, of my amateurism on this topic, but i was wondering if it is possible to communicate via the mavlink protocols to a FLIR camera. I have scoured the internet and it seems to me, that people are hinting an autopilot hardware is necessary to do any of that. Like Pixhawk. Right now i’m trying to see if its possible use ports from the Teensy to relay message logs.

Any help is appreciated.

P.S. i am merely the help for this project. Not the primary lead on this part. If more information is required of me i will need to talk the primary lead.

issueWhat exactly do you want to do?
For example, I‘m using a TeensyLC to do some filtering between Pixhawk and a FLIR VueProR to avoid known issues that some VuePro have with Mavlink communication.
It‘s quite simple solution.

Bg, Stefan

So the teensy board is hooked up to the pixhawk and through the UART port it relays some NMEA sentences. From there the Pixhawk uses Mavlink Protocols to communicate this to the FLIR camera using the Telem port. I’m asking is there a way to completely take the Pixhawk out of the equation since it seems like its just the middleman (rather not spend money to buy the Pixhawk if i don’t have to). Can you just use the Teensy and send/receive the strings to and from the FLIR?

Hope that cleared it up a bit

So you have NMEA input and you want to pass gps coordinates to the FLIR using a Teensy?
Sure, that is possible, and should not be very complicated. It‘s just work :slight_smile:

But that has nothing to do with ArduPilot. So I think, this is not the right place to discuss this further. Feel free to contact me via PM or

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I tried pming you but an error saying ‘i’m not able to message this user’ pops up

Do you have any reference filtering between Pixhawk and a FLIR VueProR using teensy board that can share with me.