Using "Manual Control" in Arduplane

Hi Arduplane experts
I’m trying for months to send commands to a RC plane with a Python scripts (and not LUA, because Python will give access to many external librairies later)
I’ve been confused by “RC input” or “Servo Output” and other ways, with many errors on Mavproxy I didn’t resolved (for example “AP: ServoRelayEvent: Channel 2 is already in use”),
and finally I’m stuck today.
I’ve decided to start from the beginning and read in depth the Pymavlink documentation, and I found that command : “Manual Control”

I’ve tested it in SITL/MAVPROXY, and It seems that each command send is like a quick manual “pulse” on a stick

For example, these Python lines gives just a quick climb and don’t start a loop, after a few second the nose goes down and nothing more (So it works more like for a copter than a plane in my understanding.)

    -1000, #X Pitch
    0, #Y Roll
    500, #Z Throttle
    0, #R Yaw

I have to introduce a delay of seconds in the same “pulse” to have this loop, to handle the stick like I can do it manually on the field.

Is there a way you know to use “Manual control” for a plane, to have “long” time command instead of a short pulse ?

Many thanks

And what are you trying to do. Companion computer shouldn’t pretend to be human pilot. Use guided mode for CC navigation and set servo messages to control outputs that aren’t assigned to AP functions.

Hi Lupus,

Thanks for your answer.
Well, I’m trying to find a solution !

I’ve posted this weeks ago

And the answer didn’t help much : “mavproxy code”. And I didn’t understand how…

So, if I follow you, I have to modifiy the channels in RCMAP parameters to make it works ?

Do you know if it’s possible to modify these channels for SITL/Mavproxy as well, or is it only working with MP ?