Using Mac to download flight logs after crash

Hi guys,

I recently had another crash with my Iris+. I was taking it for a short flight for about 3-5 minutes and everything was going fine. While hovering at about 50m a short distance from the RTL location, I noticed it kind of dropping and falling backwards and then catching itself. This put me into kind of a panic mode but if I remember right, I put it in RTL mode and this continued so then I tried both Stablize and Loiter modes to land it safely. (Someone on the FB mentioned I should have switched to land mode) It seemed to not be following commands until it came down on the roof about 20m behind me, then ‘jumped’ off landing on a bush before flipping over onto the patio. Luckily, it came away with just a couple bent propellers and missing leg pad.

The Iris+ is less than a month old, so I’d like to find out what happened. I know I need to get the log files from it, but I’m not sure how.

Can anyone help with a walkthrough on how to do it using APM 2.0 on a Mac???

Thanks in advance for the help!!!


I figured out how to download the logs using APM 2.0 on a Mac.

I needed to change the post to usbmodem in the top right hand boxes in the middle. It then connected fine and was able to DL the logs.

I’ve had mixed results with the Mac. I got it to work a couple times (the way you described), but now its not working anymore. I’ve switched back to Mission Planner on the PC.