Using force/torque sensors with Pixhawk on an ArduPlane

Hi, I’m part of a research team and we want to test an autonomous thermal soaring algorithm designed by the team. The end goal is to build an autonomously soaring RC glider. For our algorithm to work, we need to place sensors that can read the upward force on each wing and/or the torque on the plane due to the different upward forces on the two wings. We’re completely new to the RC plane scene - we had a few questions:

  1. We were planning on using a Pixhawk. Is it possible to connect external sensors to the Pixhawk and read off the values on the ground control software, say Mission Planner?

  2. Do we have the flexibility to use these values to control the glider by programming the ground control software?

  3. Any suggestions on how we can do this better than using a Pixhawk connected to force sensors, a Mission Planner ground control and 3DR Radio telemetry?

Thanks in advance! Any help is appreciated.

Reading through the ArduPlane Wiki might help you