Using E220-900T22D LoRa modules with Cube Orange & Pixhawk

I’ve got bunch of these telemetry modules. They are good for price and also have quite good range capabilities.

I wonder if its possible to use these modules with my ArduPlane & Cube Orange based UAV; for telemetry purpose.

Telemetry module:

It has got Tx and Rx pins. Do you think it will work straight, if I connect it directly Tx Rx pins on one of Telemetry port?


Why dont you just plug and test then ?

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I currently do not have access to Cube Orange and therefore my UAV. There are these telemetry modules where I am, and if they’re likely to work, I’ll take them with me.

Another point is that the reason I opened this topic is to gather both my own and other people’s experiences on one subject. These telemetry modules are quite popular. Surely there are people who want to use it or have used it in some way.

Yes why not ?
Personnaly , I did not had good result with LoRa as they are lacking bandwidth and can barely sustain the 57 kbps

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I made a very basic connection attempt.

Connected one of the LoRas, direct to Cube autopilot from Serial 1 port. Then connected the other one to the computer using USB-TTL. Baudrate was set to 115200 on both LoRas.

It gets the correct values for the first few seconds when I try to connect. It updates the clock and even updates the EKF and GPS information. For example, the clock in the screenshot I added is updated when I click connect.

However, it immediately drops to Timeout. I don’t understand why it went to timeout.

It’s almost certainly a bandwidth issue. Many of us have gotten excited about the possibility of using LoRa for telemetry the way you have attempted. The reality is that it isn’t well suited to the application. You could certainly use it for a small subset of information (like RTCM3 injection - for which it is just barely adequate), but it is fairly easy to empirically show that it cannot reliably sustain a fully featured GCS connection.

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I’m afraid it seems so. Is there a way to still use this module? It is enough for us to get basic information of the vehicle. Is there a way to limit the telemetry package?

Let’s pose a question back to you - what’s driving you to use this particular hardware? What are the actual project requirements?

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I have Holybro’s 433 MHz, 500 mWatt telemetry modules. I can’t get the range I want, besides, the signal may get mixed up or there may be a lot of packet loss.

I have fixed wing UAV. When the UAV is on the bench, I connect with the custom ESP8266 telemetry module and update the parameters.

So actually all I want is to switch to a telemetry link with a minimum range of 2 to 3 km that can replace Holybro, a little more resistant to interference or at least packet loss. I can already change the necessary settings that I need to change during the flight via the RC link. Therefore, if the telemetry link provides me with a healthy GCS data, it is sufficient.

Since I have these LoRa modules on hand, I tried my luck. But as far as I can see, they are of no use. I am open to your suggestions.

Use good/tuned antennas, check your settings, and maybe use a directional patch antenna on the ground side.