Using DO_SET_HOME command

We are trying to implement changing home position in flight feature. At the moment, when PC sends DO_SET_HOME with altitude = 0, copter starts reporting altitude greater than it actually is.

I’ve looked into MP code and found that you are using ‘srtm’ for calculating home altitude. Is it necessary?


For the altitude argument of the do-set-home you’ll need to also set the absolute altitude (of home). If you’re not sure what that is, then you could retrieving the mission and in there command #0 (which is where we store home) has the home altitude. That’s a bit of a crappy solution I know, we shouldn’t really even be storing home in the mission (and we won’t from Copter-3.4 most likely) but that should work for now.

In Copter-3.4 we will have support for retrieving the home position using the MAV_CMD_GET_HOME_POSITION and the home position will also be published out (using the HOME_POSITION message).

I’d say this is a developer question so feel free to ask these on