Using Channels 9-16 with APM Planner

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Ive switched to APM planer to have full benefits of this Ground Station on my linux machine. From the first glance it looks great tool and I started to like it. But, unfortunately, seems like Im missing some concepts and would be glad if you could help understand me.

I`m using 2.024 rc1-dev version along with APM 2.6 which is connected to XSR receiver through S.Bus .

Im trying to utilize upper channels from my receiver from 9 to 16. Ive found Channel 9 to12 in “Standart Params” list of APM planner, changed values from the drop down list, but can`t find nothing like “save” upload or etc. to my APM? without that they are missing after I reconnection.

Although, in Full Parameter List, there is “Write to” button, but there are no CH9, CH10 or similar options related to channels 9-16 of receiver in that list?
Maybe those options for upper channel have other names in Full Parameter list?
Is there any shortcut for parameters upload?
Or I miss the concept anyways?

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the outputs from 9-12 for ArduPilot flight stack is related to the outputs of the HW, and not the inputs from the RC receiver. APM Planner only shows 1-8 currently. In the UI.

If you open mavlink Inspector from the Tools widget you can monitor the RC_CHANNELS message that shows 0-18 outputs for PWM

Thank you for your reply.

In Malink inspector in RC_CHANNEL_RAW I can see just 1-8 channels there instead of 16, that are declared in S.Bus and receiver options…
Am I missing something, maybe my configuration or receiver setup is wrong or I miss the point?

The RC_CHANNEL_RAW is the older message type that only supported 8 channels. its there for backward compatibility. If you don see RC_CHANNELS, the firmware version you are using only supports 8

Sorry if my stupid questions, maybe even I`m in wrong topic.
After update I have APM 2.6 with ArduCopter 3.2.1, so should I forget those wanted upper channels with such hardware setup?..

Firmware 3.2.1, last for APM, only supports 8 input channels as shown on the full parameter list. 9-12 are only supported by 3.3 and later (for Pixhawk).

Thank you for your time and clarification!

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