Using auto takeoff and auto landing, but without a full mission?

Hi @MagicRuB,
I’ll post here since the answer can help others
Right now I have to have an auto mission for auto takeoff, which is the most valuable for me since I can’t hand fly while I’m throwing the plane (I throw and jump on the controls, but it’s awkward and the delay could be bad if I need an immediate reaction to fix a bad throw)

Am I correct that because I have this takeoff only mission, I can’t have a mission for landing unless my entire flight is an auto flight, which I’m not really interested in? (I use automation to help/supplement my flying, not to replace it, just like full size planes :slight_smile: ).

I know you told me that auto takeoff would be something that was being added (so that it wouldn’t burn a mission just for takeoff). If so, do you have a pointer to something I could follow with regard to auto takeoff working without needing a mission, and leaving the mission free for something else, including auto landing?

Hi @marcmerlin,

Here’s the issue for adding TAKEOFF mode.

For an auto-landing and auto-takeoff in a single mission I would suggest you do a mission something like this:
TAKEOFF - stays in this until your takeoff alt is reached
LOITER_UNLIM - loiter above some fixed point (can’t be detected dynamically, need a fixed lat/lng)
DO_LAND_START - jump to here when you switch mode to RTL. It will imediately jump to the next mission item
LOITER_TO_ALT - place this at a safe altitude (60m?)
WAYPOINT - start of approach
LAND - done!

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Thank you, both for the issue, and the script of what mission I needed.