Using AUTH in ArduPlane

Can anyone give a detailed explaination on how to use the AUTH command IN ArduPlane for verifying the Authenticity of the Sender. I went through this Topic:
But couldnt use the Auth Command.
And Most Importantly how can I use the public and private key created and saved in the sd card of the PixHawk.

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Could you explain what you mean “IN ArduPlane”?

Ohh sorry that was a Typo, I meant “in ArduPlane”…

I still don’t understand… sorry. Could you describe what you hope the result of “using AUTH in ArduPlane” will be?

Asked differently: What do you want to be the result of “verifying the Authenticity of the Sender”? It sounds like perhaps you want that during flight, for telemetry commands? Or maybe you want the aircraft to refuse to connect unless the GCS is some kind of verified user? Or something else?

Sorry for taking so long for replying to my own query. My bad, I want to check the authenticity of the sender. Let me explain properly: Suppose the plane is receiving a message from some GCS. It should check whether the message recieved is from the proper authorized GCS or some copycat( other GCS who is trying to HIJACK the arduPlane ) . This is the problem statement on which I am working right now.

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Thank you for explaining.

I think the AUTH command (that you linked above) is not useful to you.

I don’t know if the functionality that you desire exists in any form. Perhaps someone else might reply if they know?

If no one responds, you might investigate the MavLink protocol to see if it might have the functionality that you desire already. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it does, or doesn’t.

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The Auth command is to identify the boards as Authentic.
It doesn’t refer to communication from a GCS.

What you want can easily be achieved at the radio communication level.
There are plenty of radios available that have good processing power and can do full encryption to whatever level you desire.
It is only the interception and injection in the air traffic you need to stop.
I would not like to the see the Ardupilot code burdened with this job for no good reason.

What you’re looking for is “mavlink2 signing”.