Using ArduPilot for my airship is a good idea?

Greetings to all! I am the author of the Sky Republic project. We are building an airship (You can check our project on FB Sky Republic Airships).

I accidentally got into my hands a PixHawk 2 cube controller. I had never used an ardupilot before, but many praise it.

My airship has a rather specific mechanics, this is something between a qonvertoplane and an ordinary blimp. As far as I see, the ardupilot works from the box for most common drones constructions. But I have not yet figured out how difficult it will be to adapt it to my project.

I used to try making my own controller and software, but eventually realized that I was inventing a bicycle. I would like to use the possibilities of missionplaner and other features of ardupilot.

Does it make sense to try? Any suggestions in what direction to move?

So far I am planning something like:

An onboard Linux computer with a 4g network access, communication with ardupilot via UART. Motors, servos, and air pumps communicate with pixHawk via CAN bus (I used to try rs485 and modbus because of long distance between controller and peripheria, but I think that “CAN” is more appropriate), GPS and pressure/temperature sensors via i2c… so nothing very difficult.

P.S. I decided to accelerate and finish the project faster, because The ghouls who seized power in my country finally gone crazy.

Ardupilot does include ArduBlimp firmware. Have you tried that one?

Hi, thank you for responce! I saw this model but it is still not clear for me, is it posible to adopt it for my vehicle. The crucial point for me is stabilization (espesialy pitch angle) and ability flying without tilting, becouse of wind load.

I will try to upload an image here (This is old version of “Sky Baby”, but good picture). If you can see, my airship has three motors set, two on both side and one (consist of four motors) on the tail. All of them also able to rotate. I planned to use that to control yaw angle and moving back and forward without pitching.

There is a ballonet inside the main blimp, to controll pressure.

Is it possible to implement “Blimp” model for described construction? Where I need to start? Sorry for newbie questions)

It is possible to adapt. You should star by reading the ArduBlimp documentation.

Thank you! Already in the process)