Using AeroSIM RC with Mission Planner

Hello all. I am working with Florida State University on linking Mission Planner and AeroSIM RC as part of their emerging UAS in Emergency Management program. I found information in the Wiki on setting up the MP simulator with FlightGear and X-Plane but not AeroSIM. I see it as an option but the only instructions I can find on the web are outdated and a bit cryptic ( I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube so I know it’s being done on a more current version of MP than the web instructions referenced above. None of the authors/creators have responded to a request for more information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TYVM!

firstly you are looking at very outdated documentation. aerosim was never really supported, as it required a plugin in aerosim. I created the plugin at first, but it was not used enough. and I don’t own a copy of aerosim.

please look into using sitl.

Good morning and thank you. I do realize it’s outdated, it was all I could find. If nothing else we can look at SITL but use AeroSIM extensively and. if at all possible, would like to continue it’s use. If I were able to get you a copy would you be willing to take a look at getting the process to work again? If not, no worries.