Using Action Camera on Pixhawk F450 Drone

Hi experts, good day. Needing your assistance please on what is the compatible action camera for my drone with 2axis gimbal. What I wanted to do is, once I make a Mission Flight I can set on the plan that it will capture photos in that area, then move to the next area to record or capture photos again autonomous.

How to do that? The camera will be the one triggered to take photos on mission flights.

Does this help?

This is one of the few action cams that supports external trigger, that I know of. Be sure to get the “no distortion” 90 degree version for actual mapping work.
If you’re just videoing scenery then feel free to get the normal wide angle lens.
But I havent tried these myself, although I intended to if I ever get time and resources.

and this cable for getting out video plus triggering:

Links supplied from searches I did quickly, but feel free to check your own favourite shopping sites.

Hi, how do i connect this one to pixhawk? Thanks.

Do I need to use FPV Video Transmitter on this?

If you just want photos from a survey mission, there’s a connector in that cable to goes to a servo output and you set up the camera trigger method in Mission Planner (or QGC).

You could also use it for FPV with a VTX and suitable receiver setup.

Can you please help to visualize? Disregard the FPV PART first, because i dont know how to connect my Video transmitter to the drone.

Just want to trigger the camera during mission.

Will this work?

No that only does video out, which is not your stated aim. That cable wont trigger the camera to take photos, or even start/stop video.

How about this cable for the SJ6 Legend?

If this will work, where would i connect the wires specifically?

What does the description say?
Micro USB to Output AV Cable.
Does that sound like a camera trigger to you or is it a composite video output cable?

You have asked countless times in many threads about whether you need a video transmitter for this device or that device and have been answered with many examples of how this works. What is the problem here?

I just want to clarify, because it has a PWM cable. And reading the review of SJ6 Legend, it supports PWM remote capture.

Here you go. Try here:

Thank you @dkemxr, so the pair suggested by @xfacta the firefly and the cable will actually work on the mission trigger situation? Thank you.

How can I trigger a camera if i dont have CH7 on my radio? Thank you.