Using a momentary switch (SH on Taranis X9D Plus) to set a mode

I would like to use the momentary switch (SH on Taranis X9D Plus) to set the flight mode to RTL. Now, I thought I had done that but it appears to not work.

It’s probably best just to look at my screenshots:

Aim is to get logical switch L07 set from a momentary flick of the spring-loaded switch SH. I then make L07 cause the appropriate special function to set RTL mode. Note that SF1-6 work fine and as expected.

When I flick SH, nothing happens. :frowning:

Try this:

That worked in that it turned on the output of CH5 to 80, however it did it in a permanent manner.

I am looking for a way that allows a flick of my other normal switches to change CH5 to other values.

Can this problem be summed up as having “edge” causing too quick an output, but using edge+sticky causing too long an output?

Yes, I see that now. I’ll play around with it some more. I don’t typically use Special Function overides for mode switching but as we know there is usually more ways than one to do it in OpenTx.

In L01 set V1 to SH down, in L02 set V1 and V2 to L01, thats’all.