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Using a momentary switch (SH on Taranis X9D Plus) to set a mode

I would like to use the momentary switch (SH on Taranis X9D Plus) to set the flight mode to RTL. Now, I thought I had done that but it appears to not work.

It’s probably best just to look at my screenshots:

Aim is to get logical switch L07 set from a momentary flick of the spring-loaded switch SH. I then make L07 cause the appropriate special function to set RTL mode. Note that SF1-6 work fine and as expected.

When I flick SH, nothing happens. :frowning:

Try this:

That worked in that it turned on the output of CH5 to 80, however it did it in a permanent manner.

I am looking for a way that allows a flick of my other normal switches to change CH5 to other values.

Can this problem be summed up as having “edge” causing too quick an output, but using edge+sticky causing too long an output?

Yes, I see that now. I’ll play around with it some more. I don’t typically use Special Function overides for mode switching but as we know there is usually more ways than one to do it in OpenTx.

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