Using a FPV Stack FC in a Large Quad

Are there any flight performance issues or limitations if a FPV Stack Flight Controller like a Holybro Kakute H7 V2 is used in a large quad instead of a Cube?

I ask, as I plan to build a photographic quad using T-Motor MN601-S KV320 motors, 20” props, Kore Carrier Board and an Orange cube all of which I have, but I’m having trouble finding a frame that would fit a Kore board. I have found using a cube with a standard carrier board and a separate PDB results in a tangle of wires which the Kore overcomes, hence the question about using a FPV stack.

If anyone has some guidance on this, it would be appreciated.

I cant think of a reason why it wont work.
You do lose some redundancy though.

Have you already got the ESCs? I’d look at using the APD’s with those motors (requires a PDB too).
I’ve had good experiences with the 4in1 BLHELI ESCs with up to 12 and 13 inch props (and big loads), there’s probably no reason they wouldnt work with the bigger motors and props provided the ESC will handle the current and voltage.
A 4in1 ESC can essentially replace your PDB too.

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No problem, I have used these types of boards for all kinds of multirotors. Regarding redundancy as Shawn notes a Matek H743 may be a better choice with 2 IMU’s. And all versions have Sd cards, that is lacking on that Kakute H7 board. Not that impressed with that board. For a larger craft I would use a Matek H743-Wing Board and whatever ESC’s suit.

Thanks Shawn and Dave for your replies which is very helpful. I will take your advise on the Matek H743-Wing Board and those APD ESCs look good. Any suggestions for a 4 in 1 ESC for the Matek board?
Just a quick off topic question if I may, which may save me a lot of searching. I am presently installing a Holybro Kakute H7 V2 stack in a AOS 7 and not sure how to get the motor order wiring for Ardupilot correct. For example Ardupilot motor 1 (front right) do you wire it to the ESC 1 pin out or do you wire it up as in Betaflight and the are able to change it in the software.

Connect it all up as you would for BetaFlight so the wiring is as simple as possible and then set
FRAME_CLASS,1 (quad)
FRAME_TYPE,12 (BetaFlightX)

T-motor and Holybro Tekko are popular.

That ESC configuration setup has save me some time!
The both of you provide some amazing support, so thanks again!!