Using a Custom Flight Mode

Hello everyone,

I have gone through the steps at this link ( … ight-mode/) in order to add a new flight mode. I have successfully built and uploaded the firmware with the new flight mode. What I want to know is how to access this flight mode? It does not drop down on the list of possible flight modes in mission planner in the flight mode set up which I figured. But certainly there must be a way to fly with my new flight mode without making changes to mission planner.


James_Finch did you solve this?

You need to assign a switch on your transmitter to switch between the flight modes.

There is a load on youtube about setting this up.

flight mode doesn’t appear in the drop-down list in the mission planner because it’s “parameter descriptions” are all taken from the diydrones/ardupilot github area but you can directly set the FLTMODE1 (or FLTMODE2, 3, etc) parameter to the value of the new flight mode.